Your Sleeplessness can become a past event!

Your Sleeplessness can become a past event

Sleeplessness is often related to the inability to sleep or get sufficient sleep when required. It is a problem that is often related to restlessness, stress and insomnolence. Sleeplessness as a periodic and consistent problem affects millions of people in our world with grave consequences.

sleeplessness and restlessness

When you are asleep, the brain and body undertakes several repairs and rejuvenation of the body system. According to the National Institute of Health, sufficient sleep is really important for maintaining our overall health condition, a deprivation of sufficient rest impinge on the quality of our physical and mental health.

The amount of sleep that you require does not only depends on your age but other factors like pregnancy, aging, previous sleep deprivation and sleep quality. According to Mayo Clinic, most adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night while children need more.

Let us quickly see some 6 steps to overcome sleeplessness

  1. Do not accumulate “sleep debt”

If you are involved in activities that deprives you of sleep or you are burning the candle at both ends,then you are on the way to accumulating “sleep debt”, just like taking a bank loan. If you don’t begin to pay down within a planned schedule, your bankers will foreclose or demand a forceful repayment. Failure to repay your “sleep debt” will cause a forceful demand by your body leading to physical and mental imbalances.


  1. Cut-down and stop intake of alcohol and stimulants

The taking of stimulants like caffeine and nicotine can have effects on the body lasting up to alcohol drinking24 hours with the negative effect of making the process of falling asleep difficult with frequent awakening. Alcohol has some sedative effect on its initial consumption with the ultimate impact of a restless night. Ensure you take advice from a medical practioner on when and how to take drugs with stimulants that may result in sleeplessness.

  1. Do not overdraw naps opportunity

You don’t have to take nap at every slightest opportunity you have to fill gaps of missed sleep. Uncontrolled napping will impact on the quality of your night sleep. Best practice is to have a well-structured sleeping pattern that has regularity to when you go to bed, accustoming yourself to when to wake up.

  1. Restrict bedtime activities

Re-organise your bedroom engagements and take-off as much as possible other activities that may raise your tension, alertness or cause restiveness like; studying, phone calls, cheque book signing, account balance checking, record books, diary filling and watching/listening to television and radio etc. The bed is for sleeping and having sex and that’s it.

  1. Make your sleeping environment comfortable.

Ensure that your room environment is comfortable for a good sleep. You need to give comfortable bedroom 2consideration to your bed type, beddings, night gown, room temperature, lighting, and noise level. You have to critically determine if you want your pets and children (if they are not babies) to be in the same room where you sleep.


  1. Avoid depression

Irrespective of the problems around you, you need to keep a positive outlook and expectation; ensure that by all means you avoid worrying depressedand depression. People with traits of depression and schizophrenia have sleeping problems dotted with mental disorders. When you wake-up early in the morning and find it difficult to get back to sleep, you may already be courting depression.


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    1. Dear Bode,
      I agree with you that good sleep, relaxing sleep is a good exercise that refreshes the body and gives mental, physical and emotional balance. Thank you for visiting my site. Cheers!

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